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Like the time he found a pile of old newspapers…which announced Elvis Presley's death.Or when he found a car underneath a pile of trash—a BMW mini car, to be exact.This had happened before, too: reports that in December 2007, he was arrested and charged with three controlled substance felonies.Sadly, Balelo's final arrest seemed to push him over the edge, as he committed suicide just two days later via carbon monoxide poisoning.In fact, he filed a lawsuit against the A&E network and Original Productions over those concerns in 2012.Hester's suspicions arose because whenever he won a bid, producers would draw his attention to certain boxes, or unload the storage unit so he would "discover" certain items.

The now-defunct site basically popularized the concept of "revenge porn," which is when users upload naked images and videos of their exes in an attempt to publicly humiliate them.

But the judge in the case reduced her monetary award all the way down to 0, and issued a permanent injunction that required Moore to remove the content, as well as barring him from any further dissemination of it.

If you've ever wondered how Dan and Laura Dotson have stayed solid all these years, it might have a little to do with their relationship's auspicious beginning.

In fact, in A&E's motion to strike the suit, they allow that the show "has captured the public's interest by combining elements of competition and business strategy with the mystery of discovering what surprises may be found in an abandoned storage unit." In simpler terms, "We're doing a TV show here, people." This sentiment was echoed by show creator Thom Beers, who told a panel discussion that not only does the show script approximately 50% of what the characters say, they also sometimes consolidate pieces from several auctions in a single locker in order to keep things interesting.

After all, how many viewers would stay glued to the set watching locker after locker being opened to find nothing but the worthless old furniture and garbage they're generally filled with?

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