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The Ash Shoot is to be used for the purpose of keeping the Ship clean.

Chief Officer to see that the coal trimmers keep the grating on bunker holes, and put covers on every evening comuig in dark ; any neglect of this to be reported to the Chief Engineer. There is a large iron and wood shipbuilding yaid with two Graving Docks, as follows: — Length.

%* Any suggestions for further information will be appreciated. Henderson, 45, West Sunnyside, Sunderland, British Shipmasters* & Officers* Protection Society. By Thomas Gray, late Assistant Secretary, Board of Trade.

— 4 Salma of 20 Tumlio, or 5 Salma of 16 Tumlio = 5 Qrs. Ship never to be left without an Officer on board except in Harbour or Dock, and not then until the Watchman takes charge, and Watchman not to leave until one of the Officers comes.

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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. Chief Sec TMnry for Irtliind Lord Ch.j.ce1laroflnk»d Omcel Jot of Duchy of 1 jncas M Piesident Local Govt Board Pl Kideul Hoard o!

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