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But the glint in her eye made one suspect that Georgia was having entirely too much fun and was laughing the entire time as she played the deliciously silly Lady Vivian.Aided by a fine performance by Mark Lewis Jones playing King Olaf, her over-protective father, they made a great pair.

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So imagine Gwen’s surprise and delight to return home and find flowers and a note awaiting her, which read, “The barriers that keep us apart are nothing compared to the power of true love.” Astounded at this bold declaration, Gwen later told Merlin, “I’m having a very surprising day . I have made a gesture that was not well received,” Gwen merely smiled and replied, “Then you are wrong. However, because Arthur was enchanted, he found himself in an awful predicament, challenged to a fight to the death by Lady Vivian’s father. As the crowd cheered, it was only Gwen’s look of love and approval that Arthur needed.Turning away from evil subplots and charming guest-stars, at the core of this episode was the agony suffered by Arthur and Guinevere.Both Bradley James and Angel Coulby rose to the occasion and mesmerized us with their star-crossed love affair.This was clearly demonstrated when Arthur and Gwen shared a moment outside Lady Vivian’s chamber after she had just insulted Gwen. Well, that’s what happened to me today.” While Merlin may have not known at that time that Arthur was enchanted, he knew Arthur’s heart and mistakenly delivered flowers and the note to Gwen. Startled to find Gwen there, he cautiously asked, “What am I doing? He was no longer denying to himself or to Merlin his love for Gwen.As Arthur took the time to wish Gwen good luck, the look between them spoke of longing and forbidden love — so much so that it was nearly palpable. Yet it was this simple gesture that restored Gwen’s faith in her love for Arthur. But the situation is delicate and it is not always easy to express what is really in one’s heart.” Scarcely daring to believe Arthur asked, “You think there’s hope? ” and Gwen breathlessly replied, “You’re in a fight to the death. If he were to face death, his last thoughts would be of her.

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