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Erwin and Angela Rempel, who previously worked many years in mission settings around the globe and for church agencies in the United States, volunteer for Menno Media and responded to 60 to 70 email queries this past year, sometimes with multiple follow-ups.The site averages more than one thousand hits a day, nearing a third of a million annually.

Most cameras are made to have the option bearing both styles while keeping for the most part identical core parts and functionality.

HARRISONBURG, Va., and KITCHENER, Ont.—Many millions of people will never pick up a book or magazine about Mennonites or enter any Mennonite church.

But they will drop in anonymously to Third Way website ( to get a quick glimpse of what Mennonites are about.

High Definition Bullet Camera Available in 1.3 megapixel and 2.0 megapixel or 720P/1080P Effective night range 70 to 131 feet 1080P cameras or 2 megapixel have the longer night range because of "WDR" or wide dynamic range built into those models (description of WDR listed below) EXIR or Matrix I.

R's Fixed lens available at 2.8 mm, 4 mm, 6mm, 8,mm or 12 mm This cylindrical style or bullet camera as we call it is more noticeable than a dome camera because of it's size and appearance making it more noticeable and more of a deterrent.

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    For example, Beecham's Pills, which according to the British Medical Association contained in 1909 only aloes, ginger and soap, but claimed to cure 31 medical conditions, were sold until 1998.