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My name is Kat, I’m a Mama, wife, photographer, friend, home cook, modern homemaker, seldom housekeeper, design lover, feminist, atheist and know-all. Housewife Confidential began in 2007 when I became a Mama and found peace in my soul.

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She is too prissy, and anorexic-looking for that matter, to deliver some of the tough-girl lines they are handing her. They are writing Gabrielle and Brie out of character this season.I believe that love, kindness and trust are our greatest strengths. Part an open-hearted diary of our family life and part family cookbook.) and a grumpy cat. Head to my frequently asked questions page to see if the answer is there…I am self employed and work on a range of projects.Other than these flaws -- which are major, in my opinion -- the series still has its moments.But the humor is starting to take precedence behind the conflict and mysteries.

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