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Any message in any format that claims that you have won a large sum of money or a valuable prize in a promotion that you have never entered is likely to be a scam.

We first discuss the "Una Ronald" story as described in Dark Moon.

If you do send the requested funds, more and more requests for money will likely follow.

After you finally realise that you are being conned or run out of money to send, the scammers will disappear with your money and you won’t here from them again.

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Moreover, the scammers may have tricked you into supplying a large amount of your personal and financial information during the course of the scam.To be fair, Bennett and Percy clearly label this conclusion as speculation, but at this point it's speculation piled on top of speculation. Aulis' interpretation stems from an assumed premise that the footage was fake, and that their hypothetical whistle-blower is assumed to know about it.They can't prove that the incident even took place, and yet they devise fanciful explanations for it. If you relax the assumption that the footage was fake (since this is, after all, what they're trying to prove) then the hypothetical video tamperer can have a variety of motives, including pure mischief. First we still require proof that the Coke bottle actually appeared at all.Soon after you submit your information, you will be contacted by a criminal posing as a prize agent.You will be told that, before receiving your prize, you must send money to cover various fees such as banking charges, taxation, or insurance costs.

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