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Khufu's barge measured 150 feet from long beam to stern.

Different theories arose and to the intended use of the boat. Or as some believe , was it part of the funeral cortege , which may have carried his body from Memphis to Giza.

The famous Royal Ship of King Cheops (fourth dynasty ruler of the Old Kingdom), more formally known as Khufu, is a perfect example of a papyriform boat.

Discovered around 1954, the Royal Ship is still considered to be one of the worlds most outstanding archaeological artifacts.

As you move along this composite image, you'll see the boat's 12 oars, ten along the sides and two larger ones at the stern.

Wooden boats generally replaced papyrus rafts for Nile travel, and, since they were faster and more stable than rafts, they were also used for transport.

Eventually stronger wooden boats were used for lengthy ocean excursions as well as to transport boulder blocks weighing many tons and obelisks weighing hundreds of pounds from quarries to pyramid and temple building sites.

These boats were built of relatively short blocks of timber, and were braced and secured with rope lashings very much in the same style that was used in papyrus boats.

These boats were made of bundles of bound papyrus reeds, and were lashed together into a long thin hull form in the style of a slight crescent. The bundle was made as wide as possible for stability, and an extra Cedar was very important to the Egyptians as a boat building material.

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