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In 1868 Pinkerton and another detective were taking a prisoner by steamer from Galveston, Texas to Cheyene when he tried to escape by jumping overboard. 16 Weaman St., Birmingham." is thought to have belonged to Wm. The bore size being the number of round lead balls of that diameter needed to weigh one pound.

Pinkerton started firing into the water in close proximity to the escapee with his Tranter revolvers and the prisoner promptly surrendered. The most common ones used by Tranter were 120 bore (.320"), 80 bore (.380"), 54 bore (.442"), 38 bore (.500") and 24 bore (.577").

Up until, and possibly after 1853 he manufactured over 8000 1851 Adams revolvers under license.

About 1853 he started making the first of his double trigger, double action revolvers.

At the same time production began on a single trigger double action revolver based on the same frame, now referred to as the fourth model.

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Tranter had shops, sheds and steam machinery, yard and premises at 50 Loveday Street between 18.You are perhaps not aware that a considerable number of the pistols I make have extra cylinders.It will therefore be necessary to prove two cylinders to one pistol for such as require it.This rammer could still be removed by turning it around to the appropriate position.He also manufactured his own version of the Beaumont Adams revolver, known as the Tranter/Adams/Kerr.

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