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However, Edinburgh was still left out, so in order to provide a link, the Union Canal was built between 18, connecting Falkirk on the Forth & Clyde Canal with the capital city.

Now, Glasgow and Edinburgh were linked by waterways and Monkland coal could be supplied to the capital in bulk.

Unfortunately, its heavy weight caused frequent breakages to the cast-iron rails so it only served for a trial period.

Before the railways really took hold, the prime means of transporting coal in bulk to growing cities and their industries was by canal.

This was the first railway in the Kingdom to obtain an Act authorizing the use of steam locomotives from the very beginning.

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The railway opened on 27 September 1825, when the steam locomotive “Locomotion”, built by Stevenson’s company and driven by him, hauled an 80-ton load of coal and flour nine miles in two hours.The problem was that the route was highly convoluted.Coal barges would initially have to travel west from the pits at Calderbank and then negotiate the basins at Townhead and Port Dundas in Glasgow before reaching the Forth & Clyde Canal whereupon they would begin their journey eastward.Construction of the Monkland Canal began in 1770 and the final section leading into the Townhead Basin was completed in 1794.An even greater enterprise, the Forth & Clyde Canal, was begun in 1768 and completed in 1790, connecting the East and West Coasts.

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