Dating the gospel of matthew diana and eoughan dating

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According to the Gospel, Matthew was working at a collection booth in Capernaum when Christ came to him and asked, "Follow me." With this simple call, Matthew became a disciple of Christ.

From Matthew we know of the many doings of Christ and the message Christ spread of salvation for all people who come to God through Him.

Knowing God's Word will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from knowing His Word.

The bold type in the tables indicates the verses in order for each gospel.Similarity in word choices and event placement shows an interrelationship.The synoptic problem concerns how this interrelation came to pass and what the nature of this interrelationship is.Matthew and Luke each have about 100 verses in common, most of them sayings like the Beatitudes.Views about the dating of all four Gospels vary greatly from about 60–70 AD until the end of the first century where it is believed the Gospel of John was last written.

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