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This was not only very expensive, but often impossible to obtain for someone just starting out.

But now there is a platform that provides you with everything you need to get started – and what’s more, at no cost to you!

Adult Phone Pal provides you with all the tools you need to start your own independent phone sex business to earn more money.

They provide you with your own webpage, customer credit card billing, toll free number with extension, call buttons, online store to sell items and more – all for free.

They may require that the operator spend time in company chat rooms, exchanging instant messages with potential callers; writing blog posts to appear on company blogs; and setting up and maintaining accounts on Twitter or other social network sites – all for the purpose of attracting potential callers.

Operators working for self-promotion companies earn more money than those that work for dispatch companies because they are doing more work.

Even educated women with marketable skills have found phone sex employment preferable to working in a stressful corporate environment.Some companies, known as dispatch phone sex companies, only require their PSO’s to answer calls that are forwarded to them and do the actual call.The company does all the work of attracting callers, processing their payments, and setting up the call for you to perform.How much money a phone sex operator can earn depends upon a lot of factors.What type of company they choose to work for, their availability, and how good they are at the job are all a part of the equation.

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