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From my point of view all of you that argue over this are childish and unreasonable, arguing over who is right and whos wrong is not going to give you the answer.

Stick to your own beliefs because those are the only ones that matter.

I can proudly say I'm 18 years old and finally made it out of there and I truly feel like I HAVE RISEN ABOVE.

This song really helped me cope through tough times and I don't know where I'd be without it. When you really read the lyrics it is pretty obvious to me it is a learning disability.

I have a personal relationship with this song; although it may have been written about a girl with a learning disability.

I don't have a learning disability but I grew up with a very abusive mother (physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive).

Dabei geht es nicht ausschließlich um die 90er sondern auch um die frühen 2000er der Technomusik. Das Genre Techno wird dabei nicht als ein solches gesehen sondern dient als ein Obergriff für die damaligen Genres.

Take example of the song "When you say nothing at all" it was meant as a love song and parents with children that have the disability to talk seen in a different way. The child feelsanguish,frustrated, as well as having a poor self image, being different in a world that surrounds."The shades go down, it's in her head Painted room...can't deny there's something wrong"...I believe the mother here is saying that she realizes the daughter cant help it, sees her daughter in the dark(the shades go down)-she doesnt understand, can't get it right.(painted room) could imply that the mother knows her daughter is otherwise bright and colorful.Little lone ARGUE your point over theirs, because only the song writer knows what it is written about.I agree it is a beautiful song with the melodies, and the lyrics are beautiful as well, but you are ruining the song by arguing over something as listeners we are unsure of.

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