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POF is also available via apps on Android, i Phone, i Pad and Black Berry; sometime there may be connection issues with these applications.If you are having any problems with Plenty of Fish please do let us know what is wrong.There are millions of users and when there is an outage people will come forward saying they cannot access the dating site.Other issues that can occur include registration, not able to login.ISIS’s financial needs go beyond underwriting terror.“It’s a huge financial package to support 8 million people—which is now the size of the population living in territories under ISIS control,” says Luay al-Khatteeb, visiting fellow of the Doha Brookings Center and director of the Iraq Energy Institute in Baghdad.

Small stills burn oil that is trucked in by the barrel load from the oil fields of Al Hasakah.

Its currencies of choice—cash, crude oil and contraband—allow it to operate outside of legitimate banking channels.

Turkey’s southern corridor, Iraq’s northwestern corridor and Syria’s northeastern corridor are key weak spots, well away from the prying eyes of outside investigators.

“We’re talking about the destruction of humankind back to the beginning of humankind.”Royal Donors in the Gulf Grossing as much as million or more over the past two years, ISIS has accepted funding from government or private sources in the oil-rich nations of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait—and a large network of private donors, including Persian Gulf royalty, businessmen and wealthy families.

Until recently, all three countries had openly given hefty sums to rebels fighting Bashar Assad’s Syrian regime, among them ISIS.

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    Its ideological stance on issues such as the mass line, the role of intellectuals, and the source of revolutionary fervor mark North Korea’s government as unique and different from the Stalinist Soviet Union or Maoist China.

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