House wive dating

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A South Florida pastor is taking the saying 'people who live in a glass house shouldn't throw stones' to an extreme. The 500-square-foot structure is being built on the church parking lot this week, and the 50-year-old social media-savvy preacher and his wife are set to move in September 8.

Troy Gramling, head of the Christian Potential Church just west of Fort Lauderdale, and his wife of 28 years Stephanie are getting ready to move into a glass house. As much as the anti-hypocrisy message in the proverb, says the tattooed cleric, his two-week stint is about being vulnerable, naked, in an intimate relationship.'The house is quite small,' says Gramling, who sports dyed blonde curly hair and hangs out in camouflage pants and Air Jordans, 'but we've got a good AC unit.'He and his wife will sleep on a Murphy bed, cook in a microwave and a toaster oven and conduct church business from inside the house, in full view of anybody who drives or walks by. 'We're not going to make ourselves that vulnerable.

Both of his kids are the product of his former marriage to Elin Nordegren.

'We'll learn things about each other we might still not know after 28 years.If you do not get the inference, then today is your lucky day as we are about to delve into the topic, Tiger Woods daughter, wife, ex-wife, kids, house, and girlfriend.This all stretches across the topic of his personal life.It all will be captured 24/7 by six cameras, including a night vision lens, and broadcast online. Besides, I'm 50, that's not happening.'Bathroom breaks?'There's no bathroom in there, so we'll come out for that.'Still, things will be tight in there: A former college basketball player, Gramling's 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds.

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