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VV, Maggs, 2001.” Internet and Intranet, and safety privacy: the dangers “hidden” in the application of L.675 / 96 and Decree No. VV ,, Maggs, 2002.” Manual Infosecurity Management “, Angelo Green Publisher, in September 2002, Dario and Luca Forte de Grace and other minor works.

It also addresses many of the legal aspects, under Government Code, on dematerialisation projects on behalf of major public and private companies.

furthermore, He is a member of the Board of Directors at a master on Data Protection Officer and Privacy Experts at “Roma Tre ” University of Rome under the patronage of the Italian Data Protection Authority

He is the owner of Di Resta Lawyers ( international law firm which judicially assists a number of companies and government agencies, the law firm is specialized in legal cases such as privact litigation , cyber crimes law, identity theft, law of new technologies and intellectual property law, international trade law, but it also deals with more traditional areas of law.

He has published as a co-author: “The lawyer and the Internet”, in “The Law of Cyberspace”, AA.

VV, Simone Publisher 1999 “The means of online payment”, in “Internet and law; new problems and controversial issues “, AA.

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