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The former frontman of The Jam and The Style Council has had the project in the pipeline for some time now and hopes to bring out the first episode at the start of next year."I've been trying to do a TV show for about two years.At first, I wanted to do a series of half-hour shows and put them on the Internet, but it would be a proper TV show with guests", the 57-year-old tells Uncut magazine."Now we're going to try to do a one-hour special early next year.That’s why I’ve compiled this list of 30 of the best online games to play, absolutely, completely, 100% freely, and from the comfort of your browser.If you liked this roundup, why not check out a couple of our more recent roundups: 50 Fantastic Free Web Apps, 40 Tips to Get the Most Out of Web Apps, and 111 Web Apps to Rule Them All!The aim of the game is to make atoms of the same colour collide to make them disappear.It’s pretty straightforward, and for a puzzle game, it’s not frustrating at all, which is unusual.While Desktop TD has simple graphics, it is insanely fun and cute.The little circular creeps with lil’ dot eyes and the lil’ cannons that squeak when they hit stuff causes a cuteplosion.

It has expanded in so many ways since 2001, and as a result, it is filled with years of gameplay.

Link has his boomerang and swords, while Mega man has his slides, arm cannon and awesome jump.

Each character powers up and moves the way they normally would in their games, and they are able to kill all enemies by jumping on them just like Mario. One last thing: this game even plays the music of each characters game in the background.

When you start, you pick the different classes of your 4 party members.

When this is done, you’re immediately put into a dungeon waiting to be cleared.

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