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Increase in temperature and decrease in precipitation pose a major future challenge for sustainable ecosystem management in Romania.To understand ecosystem response and the wider social consequences of environmental change, we constructed a 396-year long (1615–2010) drought sensitive tree-ring width chronology (TRW) of (Georg.

In terms of religion, Protestant ideas first appeared in the middle of the 16th century.Possible etymologies for Napoca or Napuca include the names of some Dacian tribes such as the Naparis or Napaei, the Greek term napos (νάπος), meaning "timbered valley" or the Indo-European root *snā-p- (Pokorny 971-2), "to flow, to swim, damp".The Hungarian form Kolozsvár, first recorded in 1246 as Kulusuar, underwent various phonetic changes over the years (uar / vár means "castle" in Hungarian); the variant Koloswar first appears in a document from 1332.Those 2 years are almost as dry as 1946, which was known as the “year of great famine.” Since no historical documents for these 2 years were available in local archives, we compared the results with those from neighbouring countries and discovered that both years were extremely dry in the wider region (Slovakia, Hungary, Anatolia, Syria, and Turkey).While the 1800–1900 period was relatively mild, with only two moderately extreme years as far as weather is concerned, the 1900–2009 period was highly salient owing to the very high number of wet and dry extremes—five extremely wet and three extremely dry events (one of them in 1946) were identified.

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