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With a greater emphasis on relationships, individuals take a back seat.(BUT, it is important to note, the individual is not out of the Confucian car.) In Confucianism, a person does not exist autonomously. It is the link -- not only the presence, but the type and quality of it -- to another person that makes that person a human.

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A similar example is America's libertarianism and Christianity.

This does not mean that all Christians are individualistic, nor does it mean that individualistic people think they are Christian.

(In fact, often the opposite is true for both propositions.) But it does mean that major tenets of Christianity, if followed to their logical conclusion, lend themselves to individualism.

There is a great deal of truth in this, and an excellent illustration of this truth is actually a Hollywood movie -- Cast Away.

The movie famously depicts a Fed Ex employee Chuck Noland who was swept onto a deserted island by himself.

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