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I have left out the rebadged engines, such as Buzacott. - CC Engineering (chain saw)Champ - Champion Saws (chain saw)Chapman - G Chapman Chapman - Chapman & Sherack Chapman - Blaxland Rae Cheney - JS Cheney Chilcott ?- Chilcott Engineering & Motor Co CLAE - Central Launch & Engine Co Clarke - Aaron T Clarke Cooper - Cooper Engineering Co Dingo - Wallace & Henderson Dreadnought - Dreadnought Engine Co Elcho - Dick Bros ERL - ERL Products P/LExcelsior - Pritchard Bros Ltd Hall - Speciality Engineers Hardi - Harkness & Hillier Hardman - WE Hardman HB - Hall Bros Hornet - Horn & Hanson Howard - Howard Auto Cultivators Hurricane - Hurricane Manufacturing P/LInvincible - Mort’s Dock & Engineering Co Invincible - Invincible Motors Ltd JTJ - JT Jay Kirby-Lauson - James Kirby Automotive P/LKirby-Tecunseh - James Kirby Automotive P/LLarke, Parkes - Lark, Parkes & Co Ltd Leer - AE Leer Loch-Laird ?I don't have set opening hours, please contact me on to arrange a time. This forum has dealt with Queensland built engines , how about your best or most favoured NSW built engine , also if anybody had a list of NSW engines , i think that would be of interest to us all.I mean no disrespect to the manufacturer, but this engine is not built for work, only show. .2hp KK Crossley,2hp Inter vert Non-Pariel,6 hp Inter M,3hp Hornsby Stockport,3hp Capel XL Otto,1/3 hp Wombat, Single cylinder Listers x 3,2 cyl Lister Petrol,1 1/2 hp Farbanks Morse,5hp Hornsby oil engine and a couple of unknown engines.A COLLEGE principal said it was ’a very sad day’ after watching councillors vote to shut her school due to falling pupil numbers.

Members heard that Roseberry can accommodate 996 pupils but had only 324 on the roll last September, when the council started consultation. Rachael Shimmin, corporate director of children and adults services, said such low numbers make it difficult to sustain a secondary school of Roseberry’s size.

My best NSW engine would be my 1.5 hp Barlo , built in Ballina in 1919.

All the best Warra Boy At the risk of starting arguments, hair tearing and bloodshed, I will start off the list with a few I have found.

- Union Gas Engine Co V - Cooper Engineering Co Vanguard - Purcell Engineering Co Verity - AV Sale Vernier - Vernier Engines (Prototypes only?

)Victa - Victa Mowers P/LVictor - Victor Motor Co Ltd Vinco - Vincent Bros Vivian - Commercial Steels & Forge Co/ Perkins (Australia)WAG - Wrecker & General I was only joking about starting arguments, anyone is allowed to comment. After some very recent research, I am beginning to think that Wee Mac Gregor should be included.

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