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To Get back to the Sly channel numbers Press SAT LIST on your Satellite Remote then press EXIT, your channels will be back to the usual Sly numbers (i.e.

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10 memory: 4096 cpus: 4 provider: virtualbox elasticsearch: true Aliases aliases file within your Homestead directory: alias c= clear alias.

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Added to Channel 1203 52470 ID Test Transponder Change 52476 ID 1 Transponder Change Fixed 1204 SES Demo SD 1214 BT Sport Mosaic Removed (no longer broadcasting) 04/03/2015 ITV Border Scotland Moved from Test to Channel 1013 03/03/2015 News 18 India Moved to Channel 848 also now in International Section The following channels maybe in the process of moving transponders, I have updated the frequency for these channels to the new frequency: DMAX TLC 1 QUEST 1 TLC 2 DMAX 1 Home&Health Discovery Shed ID Disc. Sci 1 02/03/2015 Geo UK Moved Transponder and Changed to GEO TV 26/02/2015 Showcase 1 Moved Transponder HD Retail Info removed from Channel 997 as no longer broadcasting 24/02/2015 1019 ITV Central South removed (no longer transmitting) 1237 ITV Central South West Removed (no longer transmitting) 1235 54185 Geo UK Test Added 18/02/2015 Insight Radio Removed (ceased broadcasting) 1235 Test 20830 now ITV3 HD and moved to 263 14/02/2015 ITV1 Central E Moved from 1018 to Test Channel 1236 as No longer on Sky EPG ITV1 Central SW Moved from 1020 to Test Channel 1238 as No longer on Sky EPG 12130 ITV Granada Test Added 09/02/2015 Absolute 70s replaced Insight Radio 02/02/2015 Pub Channel Removed 30/01/2015 55362 Absolute 70s Test (not active at present) Added 1204 SES Demo SD Removed ID 1 Test from 1213 as no longer broadcasting the test Added 1213 SES Demo HD 29/01/2015 Test on 1204 Changed Name to 50290 Record TV HD NKWA Radio Fixed The Following Channels are in the process of moving transponder and have been updated accordingly: TV Shop U. Rocks & Co TV Record Sangat TV Home Store High Street TV High Street Xtra Brit Asia TV Noor TV Heart TV Capital TV Clubland TV Planet Pop Info TV 1 NDTV 24x7 PTC Punjabi Classic FM Capital FM Planet Rock XFM Capital Xtra Gold UCB UK Smooth UCB Bible UCB Gospel UCB Inspiration The Arrow Khushkhabri 26/01/2015 The following channels have moved transponder, these are now fixed: Pavers Shoes.

TV Geo News ARY Digital V Channel Made in Tyne & Wear Zee TV Zee Cinema Zing Zee Punjabi Lamhe Babes From TV 19/1/2015 304 Changed to Sky Greats 331 Changed to Sky Greats HD 18/1/2015 Propeller Test removed from 1204 1203 Could be a test channel for Box Nation HD 1208 20700 (Possible ITV Test) 1210 20701 (Possible ITV Test) 1211 20715 (Possible ITV Test) 1215 20735 (Arqiva Test Card) 1224 20780 (Arqiva Test Card HD) Fixed ITV Central E on 1019 13/05/2015 Hockey Test Channel added to 1203 12/01/2015 STV Edinburgh Moved from Test 1203 to 1065 TVC News 1 Moved from Test 1208 to 572 07/01/2015 Sky Drama Rom/Sky Dra Rom HD & Sky Showcase/Sky Showcase HD swapped Channels 06/01/2015 Sky Christmas/Sky Christmas HD renamed Sky Drama Rom/Sky Dra Rom HD Sky Greats/Sky Greats HD renamed Sky Superhero/Sky Suprhero HD Christmas 24 renamed Movies 24 Christmas 24 Renamed Movies 24 01/01/2015 MTV Xmas renamed MTV Classic JML Store renamed BEACHBODY Blissmas renamed Bliss True Christmas renamed True Movies 1 19/12/2014 TVC News 1 Test added to 1208 16/12/2014 ITV Be 1 added to 207 ITV Encore 1'added to 208 ITV2 moved to 225 ITV3 moved to 263 ITV4 moved to 268 ITV Encore moved to 269 11/12/2014 Old Zee News channel removed from 1201 as no longer broadcasting Old Flirt TV removed from 1202 as no longer broadcasting QVC Test added to 1201 QVC Extra Test added to 1202 QVC Style Test added to 1205 QVC Beauty Test added to 1206 10/12/2014 TVC News Moved to 517 STV Edinburgh added to test channel 1203 (currently no broadcasting) Propeller Test added to 1204 06/12/2014 Film 4 HD Moved to 342 Film 4 (SD) moved to 315 Zee News Moved to test area 1201 as removed from Sky EPG Flirt TV Moved to test area 1202 as removed from Sky EPG 04/12/2014 UTV Ireland Moved from Test to 1124 UTV Ireland HD Moved from Test to 1125 01/12/2014 UTV Test Added to 1203 ITV Test Channels Removed From 1201, 1202, 1233 & 1234 as they are no longer broadcasting Old Sony TV removed from 1224 Old Bet 1 removed from 1215 27/11/2014 Sony TV Changed Transponders 26/11/2014 Pub Channel changed Transponder 1900 Test Removed from Channel 1209 (no longer broadcasting) Made in Cardiff Moved to Channel 1075 (normally on channel 134 in Wales) Made in Bristol Moved to Channel 1076 (normally on channel 117 in Bristol) Made in Tyne & Wear Moved to Channel 1077 (normally on channel 117 in Tyne & Wear) Made in Leeds Moved to Channel 1078 (normally on channel 117 in Leeds) 24/11/2014 ITV1 1 Wales, Westcountry, Tyne Tees Moved Transponder ITV1 1 Central East added to 1064 ITV1 Central South moved transponder 22/11/2014 SBO HD on Channel 751 now accessible via the up/down channel buttons 21/11/2014 Box Nation HD Moved Frequency on Channel 490 (This is only a part-time channel which only broadcasts during a live event) 20/11/2014 UTV Test added to Channel 1210 19/11/2014 Flirt TV Moved from Test to 946 Channels that are testing have been moved and now run from Channel 1201 onwards 17/11/2014 Sky Box Office HD moved from Channel 701 to 751 All Sky Box Office Channels Moved down 1 number (except Channel 700) BT Sport Mosaic Channels which now seem to be showing BT Sport 1, 2 & ESPN Moved to Test Channels BT Sport Mosaic i4 moved from 495 to 493 and renamed BT Sport Mosaic i2 13/11/2014 Watch HD Moved to 245 Dave HD Moved to 246 Alibi HD Moved to 247 Good Food Moved to 133 Really Moved to 155 Drama Moved to 158 Gold 1 Moved to 166 Home Moved to 196 Watch 1 Moved to 213 Dave Ja Vu Moved to 214 Good Food 1 Moved to 243 Home 1 Moved to 244 Alibi 1 Moved to 226 54113 Test added to 1089 Bliss changed name to Blissmas on 376 Sky Thriller Changed to Sky Crime on 309 Sky Thriller HD Changed to Sky Crime HD on 336 12130 STV W HD Removed from Tests (no longer broadcasting) 20780 Old UTV HD Removed from Tests (no longer broadcasting) 10000 Old ITV Encore HD Removed from Tests (no longer broadcasting) 12/11/2014 Added Test For Made In Bristol to Channel 1067 Added Test For Made In Cardiff to Channel 1068 Added Test For Made In Leeds to Channel 1069 9/11/2014 Showcase 2 on 192 Renamed Showcase Showcase 2 1 on 238 Renamed Showcase 1 Sky Showcase Moved From 303 to 310 Sky Drama and Romance Moved from 310 to 303 and Renamed Sky Christmas Sky Showcase HD Moved from 330 to 337 Sky Drama and Romance HD moved from 337 to 330 and Renamed Sky Christmas HD 6/11/2014 STV HD, UTV HD, ITV Encore HD Changed Transponders STV West HD Test added to 1064 5/11/2014 Star Plus on Channel 784 put back in International Favorites (Thanks for pointing this out Bruno J!

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