Tent camping sites in sussex

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Conviction is the first thing you need on the journey to the as-yet-unknown place where you’ll rest your head.

In four months of cycling from England to Turkey, across all of Western and Eastern Europe, I spent a total of five nights in paid accommodation. But soon, the realisation that it was not only possible but actually became a source of liberation.

(If you’re American and you’re about to mention bears, you’re right, and you already know how to camp in bear country.) And humans don’t roam the fields and forests at night brandishing lethal weapons. Because they’re afraid of humans roaming the fields and forests at night brandishing lethal weapons. Once you’ve quashed the nerves, you’ll start seeing potential camping spots everywhere, and boring your friends by incessantly pointing them out.

A lot of our survival in the past depended on our overactive imaginations, which were (and still are) great at cooking up wild fantasies of savage beasts and hostile tribes hiding behind every rock.

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It’s not ideal, but you’re unlikely to be noticed after dark, unless you wave your stove/headtorch around a lot.

Often you’ll find that this will lead to other social encounters of the most welcome (and welcoming) kind, and this is one of the enviable experiences that few but the independent adventurer have the opportunity to enjoy. If you’re in or approaching a town or city, you need to consider whether you need to stop for anything, and if you’ve got time to make it through and out the other side.

You’ll also need time to check the area and set up your camp before dark.

Spending a few minutes absorbing the vibe of the area is usually a good idea (I’m talking human intuition here, not ‘energies’ or ‘auras’).

Obviously the amount of time you need will depend to a large extent on where you are – sometimes you’ll be spoilt for choice, but if you’re not in a particularly remote area, chances are you’ll need to ride for a while before you find the beach/spinney/pastureland you’re looking for.

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