Whitepower dating

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Only the best and prettiest Chinese women deserve to be used by White men.As for me, personally, it is glorious just to be a White man's cum dump, to have the honor to submit to the divine dominance of a White man. I came to America with the hope that I would marry a White man and give birth to beautiful mixed children and all my Chinese girlfriends chide me for marrying a Chinese man and they all laugh at me and even calling me a loser for marrying a Chinese man.The other day I brought my son to play in the park and I saw a bunch of young White men and a few black men playing basketball together and those virile White men were the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. If my chink husband is a man, then, another word must be used to describe those White men. Those White men are godlike compared to my little chink husband. My yellow cunt will be honored if those divine White men stripped me naked right there in the basketball court and gang raped me.I often imagined myself being forced to strip naked in our restaurant, made to kneel down in front of a beautiful, mighty, powerful White man and the older that White man is, the more I'm turned on.Sometimes even just being a whore to a White man means being so much superior than other Chinese women.

Even though I still look very young compared to other women of my age, biologically I'm approaching the peak of my sexuality.

You have no idea how hard I have to work to attract White men. Your son is going to grow to be a little dicked chink man just like his father." And there's another Chinese girl who's married a Korean guy and she's like “Yeah Korean men are just so much superior than Chinese men.” Everybody treats me like shit because I'm married a Chinese man!

Every day I hate myself and I regret my decisions in life. I'm so mad at myself I wish I can redo all my life all over again.

Anyway, my husband and I own a Chinese restaurant in Flushing and everyday I see hundreds of White men coming into our restaurant with young and pretty Chinese girls and I feel so excited, hot and sexually aroused imaging to myself that I was that young and pretty Chinese woman being fucked hard and sexually dominated by those White men.

Those Chinese women who are engaged to White men are the luckiest women on earth and just about every Chinese woman I know secretly want to be dominated by a White man. And then I looked over to my husband and I felt so disgusted.

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