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Whenever I’ve reminded myself of this during episodes where I feel put down, it makes me feel much better.

High school is especially tough, what with all the identity searching and work stress, but when people add negatively, it gets hard to keep smiling.

In the end though, it’s all natural and we just have to remember how far we’ve come. Their marriage is supposedly happening this year so, of course, Hannah has a lot to take in.

Lesson 4: Hannah is big on self-love and love in general. In the same interview with Sophie Eggleton though, Hannah claimed that regardless of her marriage, she still puts herself first and she’s reminding herself of this by arranging a solo vacation to Peru!

Yep, Hannah is taking a break at the same period of time she’s getting married and I personally think it’s awesome because a new spouse shouldn’t mean new priorities.

Also, besides her romantic love, Hannah has acquired a lovely set of lady friends over the years (notably Anastasia Tasou and Grace Neutral) whom she constantly gushes over.

Hannah Pixie Snowdon is undoubtedly one of those people that we can all learn from.

Not to mention she’s a realistic inspiration as she admits her faults openly as well.

So, the next time you’re feeling blue, maybe remind yourself of some of Hannah’s guidelines to feel better.

That being said, Hannah reminds me that, through your adolescence, it is so important to have a bunch of girlfriends you can feel safe and have fun with.

Loving them, and your partner, and your family, might seem easy enough but it’s ridiculous how often I’ve seen my friends and I forget it!

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