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No matter how the conversation/fantasy started, it always ended in the ass. Amongst customers of phone sex lines back in the '80s, anyway. Anal penetration during this contraction can be extremely pleasurable.Once in a while I enjoy going into chat rooms pretending to be a woman. Why would you stick your dick in my butt when you can stick it in my pussy? As a woman, I'd say more accurate to say they'll do anything if they have bad self-esteem. Then where is the pleasure to a man of having a bi ol' schlong fucking your face? Yet, as we know, there are men who swear they love being on the receiving end of that! So, r53, then how do you explain the fact that some men who have had their prostates removed still enjoy getting fucked? Women can achieve orgasm through manual stimulation, either her own or her partner's, while she is being anally penetrated and for some women, this can be exciting."R64 has been pedaling that bullshit about how anal sex gives her incredible vaginal orgasms because, y'know, the wall between the vag and ass is so thin, blah, blah, blah... That's actually a great question R66 and it comes up in a variety of ways when the topic of women's sexuality is raised.There are people who strongly believe that ANY sexual activity a woman engages in is not entirely by choice, and that women are motivated by other things besides their own desires: money, coercion, the need for security, etc.R5: That is not how most straight men view anal sex with women as opposed to vaginal sex.I usually wouldn't generalize about how most people feel about anything, but what you said is wrong.

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We give better blows and I can actually MILK a cock w/ asshole. [/italic]No sad bleating for a dinner at Outback, no begging for a visit to Cinnabon. Unless the woman just gave birth or something, ass is NOT tighter than pussy, at least not after initial entry/penetration. There are some women who seek out anal sex, enjoy it a lot, and have powerful orgasms doing it.Any post which suggests that a straight guy having this desire is into dominance, rejects pussy, etc., is crazy. Some Straight men enjoy pleasure through their asses, just like gay men can. Receptive anal intercourse is strongly associated with HIV risk. I never used to get my hole waxed till a few years ago.This also comes up often in threads about straight men who like to get fingered or have their women strap on. Some Straight men enjoy fucking an ass just like gay men can. It's also been linked to increased risk of ano-rectal cancers. [quote]The only difference is that straight men prefer to experience these things with women, because they are more sexually attracted to them. They only want to do it with a woman because they are only attracted to them. Since a lot of gay guys seem to have straight married FBs, I guess it's safe to assume that most of these straight guys seek out other men for anal sex only because they're wives won't let them fuck 'em in the ass. As long as he brings the money home to ME, he can pound your ass every night for all I care. A bunch of the girls in the neighborhood are getting together for our monthly bunko night. It seemed like the height of vanity but I did it anyway and boy ...Why is it not a really positive thing if some women say they like anal sex, it gives them great climaxes, or they don't come that way but it is really a turn on.Why can't we just say, "OK, that's your thing, that's cool?

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