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The final results revealed both Kamenashi and Koda had beaten off competition by reeling in more than twice as many votes than the number 2 celebrities. I’ve always wanted to be inducted into a Hall of Fame, but I never thought I would during my lifetime so I’m very grateful,” Kamenashi said. The movie was played on more than 310 cinema screens across Japan on its opening day, attracting more than 170,000 people.

Similarly, a representative from Ichikawa’s talent agency had told Sankei News, “we have not heard of any such thing from her (Ichikawa)”. It will be the first time Ikuta plays a woman, and the second time Higashiyama dresses in drag, his first being during his 2008 stage show “さらば、わが愛 覇王別姫 (Saraba, Waga Ai/Haoubekki)”.

Takako Kitahara was one of the most popular Japanese stars.

Takako Kitahara stood out from the rest of girls because of her large and sexy hips. Like another sexy idol, Riko Tachibana, Takako Kitahara is retired now.

“VS Arashi” is a game show hosted by Arashi, where the group plays against a guest team in a series of large scale challenges. Hiroki Uchi, 672 votes 2010 Womens results (public vote) 1. Both plays will be performed by the same cast, using the same sets, a challenge which is exciting its core members.

It will be the first time an overseas celebrity guest has starred on the show. “We can finally fulfill what Mishima-san had wanted but was never able to do,” Ninagawa said. “BPM” – Koichi Domoto (solo) ———————————– Johnny’s DVD sales (Japan) Weekly Top 20 (general) (as of October 4) 2.

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